Liam Hastings

Lease Extension Solicitors

Flats are usually owned under a long lease. As the term of the lease decreases the flat becomes less valuable. Once the term of the lease is less than 60 years it will become increasingly difficult to mortgage and therefore more difficult to sell and probably less...

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My car has been stolen – update

Since blogging  on this subject earlier in the year we've had success helping two car owners recover their stolen vehicles. In the first case our client had decided to raise some extra income by renting out his car. He duly found someone to rent his car through an...

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Personal Injury case studies

Liam Hastings has been  dealing with personal injury claims for the last 14 years and is a member of the Law Society Personal Injury panel. These are some of the cases he has handled in the last 7 years:- £1,650 to a client who was injured when tripped he over a...

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