What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation is the process of resolving disputes through the civil courts.

Historically, your typical high street firm of solicitors had a criminal law department for clients in trouble with the law, a family department dealing with divorces and children issues and a civil litigation department dealing with other types of dispute.

What types of dispute are we talking about? It could involve private individuals or businesses and the subject could be about anything. We regularly deal with the following types of dispute:

  • businesses or private individuals which are owed money
  • personal injury claims
  • contractual disputes
  • probate disputes
  • disputes between landlords and tenants
  • disputes about land including rights of way and boundaries

The common theme for all of the above is that claims are usually brought in the County Court or High Court and are governed by the Civil Procedure Rules. The practice of civil litigation is reserved to solicitors so that only solicitors can undertake civil litigation on behalf of other people. In theory, you do not need to instruct a solicitor in order to bring or defend a claim in the civil courts as it is possible to act as a litigant in person. However, the court rules can be complicated and litigation is not for the faint hearted. Furthermore, if you get it wrong litigation can be very expensive and so unless you know what you are doing it is wise to get advice from a specialist.

Hastings & Co Solicitors are a niche solicitors practice in Chelmsford, Essex specialising in debt collection, employment law and civil litigation. For further advice or assistance please contact Liam Hastings on 01245 835 305.

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